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V/A- Rise & Run Pre-War: Country & String Band 78's 1925-1938

by V/A -Rise & Run, Pre-War Country & String Band

$8.00 / Coming Soon

A deep n dusty heavy hitter collection of rare 78 cuts carefully compiled by Conor Ottenweller, local Bay Area 78rpm record enthusiast, artist, dad, husband and professional screen printer. Connor does all the dirty work for us here folks, all the digging, all the dusting off and then presents it all back on a wonderful little analog slice of apple pie. Complete with Screen printed covers AND labels which were additionally black tea stained ;-) A zesty banger of a collection, your gunna want this baby for those cool outside BBQ parties your havin this summer... just sayin.

from Aquarius Records:

The latest archival release from Oakland based cassette label Sanity Muffin probably carries some of the rarest pre-war country music you've never heard, lovingly curated from an amazing collection of 78's. Featuring tracks by Fred Hutchison, Foolin' John Carson, South Georgia Highballers, Uncle Dave Macon, North Carolina Ramblers, Kelly Harrell, Clayton McMichen, Virginia Snake Handlers, Hall Brothers, Red Mountain Trio, Roe Brothers, Louisiana Rounders, and The Allen Brothers. Come bask in their warm crackling glory before they disappear again.

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies.