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gEars -Jaguar Intentions (C-86)

by gEars

$7.00 / Sold Out

Side A is all synth workout's with the most lush, dark, warm and deep melodies you could ever want... expansive))))) Side B brings in the drum machines in a gargantuan way! PHAT)))) 86 minutes, a total rinse out! gEars is also part of Galena's studio and live arsenal. Highly Recommended)))) Aquarius Records in SF says: Another mysterious synth missive from Oakland tape label Sanity Muffin, this one from a group/guy called Gears, two sidelong sonic sprawls, the A side, a heady dose of analog buzz and cosmic celestial shimmer, the sounds thick, and buzzy and corrosive, heaving swells of low end rumble, wrapped in wispy streaks of abstract melody and subtly shifting tonal variations, meditative and mesmerizing, long tones that lazily undulate, sonic ripples that pulse endlessly into the ether, the sound lush and lustrous, a dark solar sound journey into outerspace and out of innerspace, headphones strapped on, and Matrix-like, you'll be jacked into the sonic cosmos, your brain transformed into miniature motes, carried away on slipstreams of serene sound. The flipside is something else entirely, some sort of mutant hip hop, all skittery drum machines, and squiggly electronics, the celestial synths from side one resurface here, but as the backdrop for a wild tangle of beats and rhythms, a strange dizzying mix of blissful melodies, swirling textures, bumping beats and fractured digital glitchery. Over the course of the side/track, the sound shifts from churning and rhythmic, to mutated and dubbed out, from old school jungle, to near DHR crunch, the sound feels live too, as if it were a DJ set captured on the fly, but regardless, a serious sprawl of dark rhythmic energy, that in some weird way, balances the tranquility of the tape's dreamily kosmische A side. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES. Housed in super swank full color six panel J-cards.