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Lumerians - The Weaning & the Dreaming (c-60)

$10.00 / Sold Out

S/M #37: studio session weirdness and wizardry. unlike their structured "songs" but still psychedelic and engaging in every way)))
explorations specially tailored for Sanity Muffin.
special release for their current EU tour!
Limited to 200 silver pen numbered copies.

also, Aquarius Records in SF just gave it this review: LUMERIANS "The Weaning And The Dreaming" We got a very small handful of this, a super new, ultra limited, tour only tape from local psychedelic space prog aQ faves Lumerians, who for this single half hour track, recorded a handful of the instruments, then flipped the tape, playing back those instruments in reverse, and tracking the rest of the band to the backward sounds. And if that weren't cool enough (we're a sucker for backwards sounds), the B side is the A side in reverse, which makes the original tracks play properly, while the proper tracks/instruments from the A side are now reversed. Trippy! And seriously psychedelic. Both sides a dizzying sprawl of minimal drone-psych drift, swooping backwards rhythms, soft synth swells, twisted swirling melodies, lush builds to gorgeous expanses of dense sonic swirl, noisy and abstract, droney and hypnotic, a bit industrial in places, streaks of black ambience drifting through field of electronic shimmer, grinding electronics wrapped around whirling FX squiggles, both sides, obviously quite similar, warped mirror images of each other, a two sided palindromic psychedelic freakout, both halves heady, and dizzyingly divine, total mind melting headphone bliss.