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Coil -Unnatural History (c-60)

by Coil

$12.00 / Sold Out

We are very happy to be offering this Keep Tapes Alive issue of Coil's Worship The Glitch. Sadly unavailible on it's original CD only format for much too long. KTA offer up a great analog copy of this classic on High Bias Type2 Chrome tape. This Issue is LIMITED to 100 copies. Earlier in the year KTA issued the Coil -Time Machines album, also limited to 100 copies which quickly sold out. KTA has agreed a portion of each sale will be donated to the John Balance Estate. ((last few))

About the album:

A wonderful collection of strange creations by the amazing Coil. The sonic spectrum is all over the map but much of it is dark and subthrobbing. Last gasps of horses being slain, bent minor keyboard progressions, sonic doppler effect helecopter take off from a world gone to its end... a must have for any fan)))

Subtitled "Compilation Tracks Compiled". First in a series of anthology discs collecting tracks that originally appeared on various compilations and limited edition releases.