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Odd Nosdam -Le Ambient Mix (C-60)

by Odd Nosdam

$10.00 / Sold Out

This particular mix by Odd Nosdam has been a house favorite since it was first materialized as a limited edition handmade CDR for friends and family a handful of years ago. It has stood the test of time here at S/M headcourters as one of the finest collections and assemblages of interesting ambient music we have heard! we are very excited to present that mix remastered for High Bias tape for the first time! the collection is often blended seamlessly and all made direct from vinyl. its been processed via the Nosdam filter to a coheasive lush and expansive listening experiance. feaures rare cuts by artists like Popol Vuh, Stars of the Lid, Caberet Voltaire and Cloudead exclusive outakes just to name a few. all housed in a full color and hand embossed tape cover! your $ couldnt go further on this one folks, great day or night)))