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Warner Jepson -Tullian Beach Bum (machine Excerpts) (c-90)

by Warner Jepson

$10.00 / Sold Out

Warner Jepson is one of the San Francisco Bay Area's best kept secrets... and it's a shame because his work is astoundingly magical, fresh and beautiful. all analog synth based, these recordings were done both at his private studio in SF and at Mills College in Oakland on a custom built Buchla Synthesizer. Warner did it all... sculpture, video, art, plantscapes and music and often combined them all in his installations and performances. a true early electronic music pioneer who is hardly known by most fans of this genere... we at Sanity Muffin hope to change this, even if it is in our small humble cassette release sort of a way... this is all unreleased material from a thrift store donation last year following his death a few years back. we are so happy and proud to put this release out into the world. this is a true treasure and should not be missed. a wonderful full pallet of analog synth textures & sounds that fill a 90min tape to the max. your really getting your money's worth here folks!