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Starlite Coffins - Starlite Meditation Cult))) (c-60)

by Starlite Coffin

$7.00 / Sold Out

Oakland's Starlite Coffins drift back into lucidity with their first full length cassette, Starlite Meditation Cult: a hypnotizing and all enveloping ritualistic drone meditation informed by ancient tape-pitch manipulation techniques and supernatural magnetic anomalies. 60 minutes of cryptic and warbled psychedelic ambience amidst analog blankets of looped and reversed synth damage warp your mind. Meticulously captured in a net of massive amps at Pfantone Labs via 8 track cassette recorder 2012 - 2013. Embrace the smeared atmosphere and otherworldly swarm...fall victim to the spell of the hallucinatory Starlite Meditation Cult! Stunning 1960s Op art style two color/dual image hand screened artwork on translucent vellum paper by Crooked Tapes' mastermind Ryo Kuramoto. Special edition (25 copies) on purple and green screened vellum + clear cassettes with Starlite Meditation Cult square buttons while supplies last. (((ONLY one left))) *Split release by Sanity Muffin and Pfantone Labs.