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Flying Saucer Attack -P.A. Blues (c-76)

by Flying Saucer Attack

$20.00 / Sold Out

A wonderful analog tape reissue of a limited edition CDR only release. This tape issue was done right and in true FSA aesthetic form. Hand stamped cover and labels make every one of these 100 tapes different and unique. P.A. Blues is a collection of board recordings made from select, and rare, FSA live performances. They feature Rachel from Movietone as well as other select star appearances.

All recordings from 1994-1997. Prime FSA material shed in a different light than his mostly 4-track cassette albums and 7"s. FSA (Dave Pierce) was a Bristol, England washed out, lo-fi, blissful shoegaze mastermind who no doubt influenced so many musicians today.

Hand numbered edition of 100. *LAST FEW

Liner Notes: p.a. blues: sam, deb, matt, rachel, dave. various 1994 she moved though the fair/destruction: rick, matt, rachel, dave. london 1995 the season is ours: bill, jim,dave: providence 1997 instrumental: sam, matt, rachel, dave. rehearsal early 1994