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Rich Jacobs -The Tooth Lady (c-52)

by Rich Jacobs

$7.00 / Sold Out

First release in the new "Artist Series" on Sanity Muffin!!! We asked a number of select Artists, who may or may not consider themselves Musicians, to explore the cassette format. They can do anything they want for the artwork packaging AND the audio. In this case Rich explores free improv Surf and Western cinematic themes, slightly dark and twisted in nature. He conjures his raw, spontaneus and inovative guitar technique which compliments his art-making. Rich Jacobs has been a powerhouse in the art scenes in LA, San Diego, NY, Buenos Aires and Oakland. Currating his own Move artshows and showing solo around the globe.
This release features a full length albums worth of solo guitar for a yet to be filmed soundtrack. Packaging includes:Blue tapes, custom tape labels, a mini zine in an array of colors, a mini Japanese Gocco print, stamped & numbered OBI strip wrapping it's contents tight. Limited to 150 copies.