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Coil -Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil

by Coil

$12.00 / Sold Out

Similar to the epic Time Machines but more overtly human, abrasive, emotional and aggressive. They intend to drill a hole to the center of consciousness, and it is evident. There is a lot to learn from this jewel of a Coil album. Released on CD only in 2000 it slid under the radar for many, it's "clam shell" packaging with no printed matter made it an odd display in shops and sadly went overlooked compared to the traditional digi or jewel case CD. Deemed by many to be one of their most beautiful releases with lush, dense, buzzing, hypnotic textures... Listener Beware. It's easy to get taken out into it's undertow and deeply submerged.

Limited to 100 Professionally Dubbed Cassettes.

Light Pink Cassette Shells
Dark Pink Cases

Special thanks to KTA (Keep Tapes Alive) for injecting one more cure from the sadly out of print needle.

These won't last long, most are on their way to Japan.....