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V/A - Pulsating Strings : A Collection of Psychedelic Asian Guitar Music

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Pulsating Strings is an eighteen track mix of rare, exotic and psychedelic guitar-music crafted in Asia during the Golden Era of the 1960s and 1970s. This fifty-minute program was mixed from the vinyl archives of Oakland DJ Bobby Ganush of the International Freakout A GoGo and Lower Bottoms Funk & Soul collectives. A mix that spans many countries and includes some of the deepest tracks of vocal and instrumental songs compiled from locales such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan and others. It explores the avant-guitar work of local Garage Bands, Go-Go Instrumental Combos, Lo-Fi Soul Groups, Library Production Ensembles and Legendary Solo Artists. With funky break-beats, hypnotic organs, short-circuiting guitars, wild percussion and haunting vocals of the male and female persuasion, this collection entails some of the finest and obscure examples of psychedelic guitar-driven music coming out of Asia at the time.

*Limited Edition of 100 copies on electric purple tape shells filled with High Bias Type 2 audio tape.