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Voices -Aether Ore (c-60)

by Voices

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This tape is the first release from the infamous psych-drone band Voices. Churning up scents of emotive bile while volcanic lethargy flowing from body to soil, the affective timbres of these recordings undulate between elegiac meditation and transcendental evaporation leading towards an oblivion scintillating with tangible absurdities. Innovative instrumentation, crystalline tonal textures, and a generally spooky reverberation reminiscent of the deeper stratas of icy platonic caves permeate out through the warm embrace of analog tape hiss to suspend the ear in a bubbling quixotic soup of cool calm shivering equilibrium. Consisting of over a years worth of material collected from murky basements and psychotropic back alleys.
released 01 June 2009
Alejandro Magana - Vox, Bass, Guitar, Effects
Travis Wyche - Vox, Guitar, Drums, Oscillators, Effects
Chris Hash - Violin, Guitar, Effects