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Travis Wyche - grisaille (c-54)

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S/M#29: The sophomore release from Travis Wyche (drummer/vocalist of the infamous bay area primi-psych outfit Voices and the mercurial other half of the avant-minimalist duo Perpeteia) unfurls delicately, shimmering over the scrim of perception like lapping waves of rouge dextromethorphan stewed in lovers brine and melancholic magic. At moments reminiscent of Manuel Göttsching, Six Organs of Admittance, Flying Saucer Attack, and Robert Fripp, this ‘music of grayed scales’ blends hallucinatory insectoid habiliments with shivers of jubilant melodic foliage to precipitate radiant paradox within the pelican of the solar plexus.
Limited to 100 numbered copies
each tape with different full color insert collage