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Starlite Coffins -Eruptionem (c-52)

by Starlite Coffins

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Starlite Coffins reappear for "Eruptionem" ... nine wheezing, desolate dirges that magnify and expand upon the concept and sound of 2013's "Starlite Meditation Cult" ... this time with a slightly more cinematic feel to the proceedings. Cassette-collage glitch, contemplative and crude modern classical technique, and warped electronics are once again employed to dizzying effect. Now, "Eruptionem" offers the listener even murkier depths and deeper spacial sonic environments to wade in than its predecessor. Spectral samples and ancient synths murmur and stutter alongside buzzing, brittle feedback; crushing, backwards magnetic static transmits in four dimensions. In other words, expect nothing less than utterly primeval tape-speed sorcery and analog phantasmal death-drone. Skillfully taped on 8 track cassette at Pfantone Labs in Oakland, California 2012-2014.
Housed in three-color offset printed J cards, hand-numbered and stamped with the official S/M seal. Striking and psychedelic sectarian art by R. Brundage. Limited to 140 pieces. Available in three different cassette shell colors: mint green, powder blue, or baby pink!
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Check out some selected tracks from "Eruptionem" below:
(Only a sample of the 52 minute cassette).