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Selaroda -Polytexturalism (c-47)

by Selaroda

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Living, breathing soundworlds unfurl, slowly blossoming to reveal sinewy swirls of fog, massive intergalactic jungles, dense marshes of mysterious origin, and an interlocking maze of subterranean caverns and chasms. Every track is bursting with detail... layers shift and combine, forming ever more complex organisms, each one shaped and sculpted via some arcane, shamanic wisdom. Over three years in the making, Polytexturalism was conceived as a series of "audiofilms" and designed to take the listener into a realm of extrasensory experience… close your eyes and let these expansive extrapolations of extraterrestrial exploration take your mind on a visual journey.

Audio samples and digital download available here: http://selaroda.bandcamp.com/album/polytexturalism