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Maniac - OST (1981) (c-34)

$7.00 / Sold Out

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the classic 1981 dark synth masterpiece slasher film!

Aquarius Records in SF says:
"Remade in 2012 by unlikely genre film fan Elijah Wood, the original Maniac was released in 1980, and was a grimy, gritty story of, well, a maniac: a serial killer who collected mannequins and scalped his female victims. It’s a hugely infamous film, eliciting revulsion from reviewers when it first came out (due in no small part to a super graphic and gruesome head-being-blown-off-by-a-shotgun scene) but has become a serious cult fave in the ensuing decades.
The soundtrack is a stunner too, with composer Jay Chattaway (who would go on to compose music for the various Star Trek TV series) crafting a haunting, minimal score, equal parts hushed ambience, and sinister synths. Fretless bass warbles beneath tinkling chimes and fluttering flutes, gradually disappear in clouds of pulsating electronics, which over the course of the score, drift from tense, almost Carpenter-esque synthscapes, to moody melancholic introspection, to tripped out psychedelic electro-rock, to creepy, haunted house dronemusic"

First time on cassette!
*Distributed title on Keep Tapes Alive

LIMITED to 100 copies on Blood Red cassette shell's & High Bias Chrome Type 2 tapes.