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Malditos -Suivez-Nous Vol.1 (c-30)

by Malditos

$7.00 / Coming Soon

The hash-panic continues. This time winding us through songs and sounds in the valley of a natural landscape bustling with the aural disfigurements of city travel, nightlife and frenzy.

Suivez Nous announces the debut of a new musical series by local Oakland act Malditos. It is a series of songs and audio corridors in which outer passages are travelled and time is stretched and reinterpreted.

Shorter corridors, Black Shirt Flag, Ruins, Azadeh (and uncredited gari-segue "hash detective") construct one side of the release; three songs that hone the pace and intensity of the sound established on the debut LP, with haunting and commanding vocals that blend English with Farsi and French, and have become staple material in their live sets over the last year.

The flip side is where the adventure really begins with the somewhat, lazing and amorphous, 15 minute, title-track. The song plays out as exploration and texture, grounded in steady syncopated rhythms, vocal incantations and punctuated by fuzzed guitar melodies. The arrangement is manifested in more experimental and unconventional ways as tonal aspects of the sounds are affected, passages stretched out, and unusual corridors cohabited.

The sound is heavy and rhythmic, teaming with fuzz and filters, passages of tape loops, synthesizers, percussion, sound-collage applications and alluring vocals. Limited to 100 copies