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Lars-Gunnar Bodin -En Face (c-71)

by Lars-Gunnar Bodin

$7.00 / Coming Soon

Lars-Gunnar Bodin (1935, Stockholm, Sweden) is a composer, lingua-artist and intermedia-artist. He has been involved in the experimental music since the early 1960s. A student of Stockhausen & Ligeti. Heavily influenced by John Cage, Bodin's work focused on his own creative interests on the frontier sound and verbal area, that was later named Text-Sound Composition. For ten years Bodin was director of the of the Institute for Electro-Acoustic Music (1979-89)

This Collection spans his career and highlights some of his most influential work. Dark and expansive, haunting and exhilerating. Electronic and acoustic worlds collide to create a beautiful collection of sounds)))

*LIMITED EDITION OF 100 copies on High Bias Chrome Analog Tape.

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