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Jims -Simple Impulse (c-48)

by Jims

$7.00 / Coming Soon

We are really excited about this new album by Tristeza's drummer and good friend Jimmy Lehner. One of our first releases was a limited to 50 cassette for him which sold out immediatly. This is Jims 4th full-length solo record, The Simple Impulse is his first release recorded entirely outside of California. These tracks were all recorded in MIchigan and Ontario. The moods shift from ambient to cracked-out, melodic to ultra-dark. One of the feature tracks is a remix of a song by Peru Peru (Lille, France). The beats/rhythms on this release are built upon an analog/electric core. Spring reverb, Effectron delay, and a drum machine taken from an old Sears chord organ create the pulse-oriented vibe on much of this mix-tape. There are also a few 60's records samples, the arrangments were ment to be simple. The two pop-ish tracks lean a bit toward Jims next solo direction into pop. Recorded direct to stereo and edited using Sound Forge 6.
(C) 2014 J. Lehner/Sanity Muffin.

*Limited to 100 copies with hand drawn on cassette shells.