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Invocation of Magnetic Spirits -Vol.I (c-45)

by Invocation of Magnetic Spirits

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Presenting Volume One in the series "Invocation of Magnetic Spirits" that will explore and document lost and found analog audio treasures. A box of cassettes were found on Alcatraz street in 2009 and were meticulously compiled, recomposed and remixed, summoning ghosts of the late 1970s' West Oakland streets. Curated and produced by R. Brundage of Starlite Coffins and Geldings, Volume One uncovers the esoteric and manic rituals of the New Mount Zion cult. Looped and distorted organ passages back feverishly fanatic gospel tinged sermons and swamp confessionals. Dark hymns of metaphysical mysticism that reek of fire and brimstone. Recorded exclusively for Sanity Muffin. Limited to 130 copies. (last few!) "Remixed and repurposed to resurface."