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Harry Bertoia -Sonambient Sound Sculptures (1960's) (c-60)

by Harry Bertoia

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Harry Bertoia (1915-1978) was a sculptor, architecture designer, graphics artist, jewelry maker, furniture designer & sound artist.

He made hundreds of sound producing sculptures which he "played' and recorded to tape in his Sonambient studio here in the USA.

Bertoia explored the relationships of space, color and sound in unique and highly sophistcated works. His work evolved from thousands of abstract graphic designs created throughout his career to 3-dimentional forms, many commissioned for major institutions by leading architects. His famous wire grid "Bertoia" chair is a landmark in the furniture design world.

Collected here are pieces recorded throughout the 1960's at his Sonambient studio. He self-released a beautiful series of sculpture sound recordings on phonograph records during this time.

A wonderful introduction to the amazing sound world of Harry Beroia))))

*LIMITED TO 100 COPIES on High Bias Chrome Analog Tape.

On Keep Tapes Alive

Aquarius Records in San Francisco said:

Harry Bertoia's sound sculptures developed from years of work as both a commissioned furniture maker for Knoll and as an environmental sculptor who built large scale balancing kinetic pieces, usually out of bronze. But in the 1960s and 1970s, Bertoia and his son Val began experimenting with resonant properties of metal itself with huge sculptures of vertical metal shafts that were affixed to a base. They discovered that at those lengths - some upwards of 20' - the metal was flexible enough to sustain an extended vibration that continued to resonate within the symphony of tiny strikes with the adjoining metal rods. Thus a slight brush against one of the Bertoia sculptures would trigger a massive swell of metallic drones. Bertoia made an incredible number of recordings in the barn that housed the majority of these sculptures, and produced 11 records from his favorite recordings. "Happy Spirit" features two tracks from the first record "Bellissima / Nova." If possible, it is highly recommended to try experience the Bertoia sculptures themselves. Val Bertoia does maintain the barn where his father kept these sculptures in Bally, Pennsylania.