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ELPH VS. COIL -Worship The Glitch (c-52)

by Coil

$8.00 / Coming Soon

We are very happy to be offering this Keep Tapes Alive issue of Coil's Worship The Glitch. Sadly unavailible on either of it's original formats (CD & 2 x 10" LP) for much too long and fetching insane online prices. KTA offer up a great analog copy of this classic on High Bias Type2 Chrome tape. This Issue is LIMITED to 100 #'ed copies. Earlier in the year KTA issued the Coil -Time Machines album, also limited to 100 copies which quickly sold out. KTA has agreed a portion of each sale will be donated to the John Balance Estate.

About the album:

Worship the Glitch is the only album to be released by "ELpH vs. Coil", though an EP called Born Again Pagans is credited to "Coil vs. ELpH". ELpH is the name that Coil used to describe the random musical compositions that were generated from their own equipment, either by itself or as an unintended yet pleasant byproduct of their own work; as a result, this album can essentially count as a Coil album.

Whatever the exact origins, the results are even more on the edge than many Coil pieces, eschewing formal song structures for exploratory efforts in sampling and instrumental rhythm.

John Balance, Peter Christopherson and Drew McDowall are credited for creating Worship the Glitch. Leah Hirsig, wife of Aleister Crowley, appears on "Dark Start" and "Ended" singing the lyrics of the pop standard "For All We Know". "Mono" is a cover version of Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)", consisting of a heavily processed guitar solo.