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CTASSAULTS -The Sound of Ω to Come" (c-50)


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Here is the first official release of searing sonic spectacle from the infamously lewd and notoriously crude free-jazz-punk-muck band CTASSAULTS, consisting of 60 minutes of painstakingly assembled material gathered from hundreds of bootleg performance recordings collected from the Nepalese cassette tape black market.

A loose group with many members, multiple monikers, and chameleon style, SEATEABATHSALTS seems perpetually in flux. While no one seems to know exactly when it all started, SHEENYTEENYPISSYPANTS slithered out of the filth of the East Los Angeles burrito bunkers to bring a new message of defiance and radical freedom to the drawling plebs of the post-cultural wasteland blighting the world over by carefully hybridizing their gooey cerebral strings and coarse consonants into the looming parasympathetic multi-headed hydra beast of affect we have come to love. This academy of auditory omphaloskepsis seems to be driven by the energy of a handful of key members: MrMRM tickling steely orgonotic chords through the plexus of his own solar anus; MG laying down thick twirling noodles of intransigent glitch-jazz licks with a potent dose of post-hardcore heavy; the supposed namesake CT flattening dialectics over the skins and rousing a rumpus of syncopated minutiae; the wizard OZ on the QWERTY keys subduing through subtle sensual subterfuge myriad algorithms of affect; and thunder tongued TW talking as the voice of pappafunkpunk over the shoulder, whittling riddles of diaphanous syllables. Witness for yourself how SEIZETEASEHASHCULTS conjure the emancipation ethos of jazz, reinvigorate the abrasive social incisors of punk, and wield words as weapons as they teleport through the mental aether proclaiming a novel palaeolexicon of hypnotic phonologics for the next generation of misanthropes.
crazy ulti colored screen printed lyric insert,
fold out collage and green neon tape shells.
crazy multi colored screen printed lyric insert,

most went to the band for live show sales.
we have a few, MAILORDER ITEM ONLY, these won't last...