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Bre'r Mobility in Six Parts (c-45)

by Bre'r

$7.00 / Coming Soon

Mobility in Six Parts is D. Fisher's fifth proper Bre'r album and his third offering for Sanity Muffin. This time Fisher navigates the landscape entirely on guitar. Beautiful melodies gently build between simple note fluctuations and controlled delay. Fishers attention to time and space really give the listener a sense of lightness. There is room to relax and gently take the work in. The pieces display an array of perfectly placed notes, strategic melding of sound swells and simplistic moody atmospheres…. Not unlike 20th century classical composer's Morton Feldman or Eric Satie. Artwork by Billy Sprague. The First 50 copies come with a collage print insert on someones 1940's science class notebook paper. Each one unique and rubber stamped with the Sanity Muffin seal of approval. Limited to 100 copies on High Bias Type 2 tape.