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Asparagus (Original Soundtrack Recording)

by Asparagus (OST)

$7.00 / Coming Soon

Another never before released (on any format) amazing soundtrack from 1978! Experimental and playful, creepy and beautiful. Suzan Pitt treats to a wonderful animated feature showcasing an auditory and vision teasing adventure. Very psychedelic and beautifully lo-fi)))
It's glorious soundtrack is 80% shimmering synth melodies and overlayed minor key drones. Composed and Performed by noe other than Richard Teitelbaum of Musica Elettronica Viva. Then, there's Free Jazz heavy hitters George Lewis and Steve Lacy joining forces for unexpected treats, *the tracks here are also not found on any of their catalog releases. A Gem of a find for any synth and free jazz fans.

check out the link below to watch the film!